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Hannah Keelor

How I Spent My Summer: Hannah Keelor

As an intern with Cleveland Neighborhood Arts this summer, I am responsible for producing written pieces on the benefits of arts involvement to Cleveland residents. Two of my biggest loves are Cleveland and the arts, so I am very pleased to take on this...

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Cleveland tm

CLEVELAND tm: (teach + make)

Although he’s been here a few months already, Creative Fusion international artist Cristian Schmitt, from Chile, was just recently welcomed by the community at a reception held at the Idea Center in PlayhouseSquare. Creative Fusion, now in its second year...

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Ahmad Hamad

How I Spent My Summer: Ahmad Hamad

For over thirty years as a forerunner in the Housing First Initiative, Enterprise Community Partners has raised and invested over $11 billion toward building communities all across America, and has built and restored more than 280,000 homes to date (14,000...

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Cory Isler

How I Spent My Summer: Cory Isler

As I throw myself head first into the nonprofit arts sector for a summer internship at the Cleveland Orchestra, I find myself flooded with questions. Initially, the questions are manageable, easily conquered: Where do I park? Should I wear a tie? How many...

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Stephanie Pedicini

How I Spent My Summer: Stephanie Pedicini

I think I've heard the word "partnership" more in the past week and a half than I ever have in my entire life. Just to be clear, this type of "partnership" that I am referring to is defined as "a cooperative relationship between people or groups who agree to...

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Adrienne Fischer

How I Spent My Summer: Adrienne Fischer

I am a Cleveland native and recent graduate of John Carroll University with a Bachelor’s degree in English. A few weeks ago, I started my summer internship with the Cleveland Foundation working at The Literacy Cooperative. Although The Literacy Cooperative...

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Losing Sight of the Shore*

No, this isn’t about lakefront preservation. It’s about the arts. It’s about how Cleveland’s cultural community must venture into uncharted waters to find the new and next generation of individuals needed to maintain our remarkable cultural sector’s...

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Welcome 2011 Interns!

The 2011 Cleveland Foundation Summer class is a unique bunch. We have students from local colleges such as Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Institute of Art and Baldwin Wallace College. But we also have students from...

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Cool Grand Rapids

About the title of the blog - later. First ... Last week the Global Cleveland Summit provided a terrific forum for brainstorming ideas about how Cleveland can create an environment and message of welcome and opportunity to the world, and a culture of optimism...

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Noise is in the Ears of the Listener

So what do you know about "Noise Music?” Not much? Or maybe a lot? Depends on your age maybe, or what your musical interests are. I fancy myself a music lover and I like all kinds – classical, Broadway musicals, Cole Porter, Steven Sondheim, Hoagy...

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